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For In-Memory OLTP objects, SQL Server Management Studio does not support features and operations that are also not supported by the database engine.For more information on unsupported SQL Server features, see Unsupported SQL Server Features for In-Memory OLTP.We can also confirm the In-Memory Area is not allocated by querying v$SGA. Let’s confirm Database In-Memory is not enabled by examining the feature tracking information.

For beginners, we suggest starting from the Getting Started article and looking into the Fire DAC\Samples\Getting Started\SQLite demo.Somewhere along the line, I associated ‘AUTOMATIC’ settings for parameters with DB2’s Self-Tuning Memory Manger (STMM). Sure, if STMM is set to ON, then some parameters set to AUTOMATIC will be tuned by the STMM, but many parameters can be set to automatic whether STMM is ON or not.In reality, the parameters that STMM deals with are ONLY: Now personally, I immediately set PCKCACHESZ to a fixed number on my e-commerce or OLTP systems.The SQLite is an embedded SQL database engine, developed by SQLite Consortium.

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It is the DBMS most widely deployed database in the world with a rough estimate of 500M installations.

Now that Oracle Database has been officially released, I can finally start sharing more technical details on how Oracle Database In-Memory (Database In-Memory) works. Oracle Database In-Memory is not a bolt on technology to the Oracle Database.