Dating a hipster

24-Sep-2017 00:29

Wind blowing in your hair plus picturesque views of the skyline are the ideal mood-setters for a date.

Take a ferry or water taxi to an unexplored part of your city if you want to make it a longer day trip.

He rides a specialty fixed gear bike– and he gives it more attention than you.

If the bike is so great, why is he constantly working on it?

Beware of paying for too much stuff, because then you can fall into the “generous friend” category and that will leave you broke and not laid, which is the worst ever. Once you figure out a girl’s choice of poison, casually drop that you have a bag/pill/joint at the crib if she’s down. Groom to look like “us” not “them.” Your city is full of idiot college kids who look like their parents have been dressing them all their lives, so when they finally get the freedom to pick their own wardrobe, they come out with socks and sandle combinations that make vaginas get Sahara-Desert-dry. Get green tea to show you care about anti-oxidants and some peachy stuff to show you’re comfortable enough with your masculinity to drink something that bros think is “faggy.” Make sure it costs at least per package – fair trade is best.

Let her bring one friend if necessary, which will her feel more safe knowing she won’t get murdered. Be a big boy and read Vice Magazine, Street Boners and other hipster publications to learn the look and recreate it.

You try pre-gaming an art gallery visit with a round of White Russians.

There are different sub-genres of hipsters around your city that you’ll find at different spots*: The Hexagon Bar = disheveled hipster girls (scruff beard and tighter pants). = drunk hipster girls (bring pendant, wear vintage). Make sure you’re always cool to the homos and if they like you, they will throw so much pussy on your plate that you’ll be eating for weeks!Turns out, they are both comedy fans — they bonded over stand-up comedians they like while enjoying tacos and margaritas at Gotham West Market.Hillary, who lives in Brooklyn and works in marketing, calls herself a handywoman.A hipster just isn’t a hipster without facial hair.

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And the daddy of all facial hair is the grisly beard.Would Bhargav, a mechanical engineer from Ridgewood, Queens, meet her needs, or would she be left fixing her own broken heart?

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